Digital & Data

Our Digital Future

Stay ahead of an ever-changing world.

We’re building highly collaborative, expert Digital teams across the globe. As a member of those teams you’ll transform not only our business but the world we live in.

The work you will do draws on our nearly three decades of experience in Big Data, our partnerships with sector leaders such as Microsoft and your own creative vision.

As the pace of technological advancement continues to quicken, unleashing the true potential of data becomes ever more important. You’ll be in a position to influence the changing world like never before.

With us, you’ll be working on some of the largest and most complex data sets available: we’re producing terabytes of data from our engines alone.

Finding ways to combine operational knowledge and expertise with this data to create actionable insights is how you’ll be able to influence the way the world operates, from helping flights arrive on time, every time, to ensuring constant power supplies in the world’s remotest places.

13,000 aero-engines in service, generating billions of data points per flight.

$100bn worth of mission critical assets analysed at our operations centres.

3mn flights sectors analysed by Rolls‑Royce fuel efficiency expert each year.

100K components assessed on a typical oil or gas production facility.

3PB of data generated in manufacturing 6000 fan blades per year.


Using data and the latest technologies to make a real difference
With us, you’ll work with some of the biggest names and institutions in the world so your work will have a truly global impact.

That could mean streamlining our customers’ processes to impact their profits or improving a power station’s effect on the environment. We trust you to not only work on immediate problems but to always be on the front foot, driving meaningful change and solving the challenges of tomorrow.

A rich history that shapes an exciting future

We’ve been at the forefront of innovation and excellence for over 100 years - you’ll build on the principles that made us great in the past and will make us extraordinary in the future.

You’ll be empowered to do that through access to the latest cutting edge technology and tools, giving you everything you need to make a difference. It’s why we partner with the likes of Microsoft on boundary-pushing collaborations.

Be rewarded by us

We offer a total reward package that gives you the opportunity to share in our success and choose the benefits that fit your lifestyle. Your individual package will depend on your role, location and grade.

Competitive salary & bonuses

Although we know it’s not all you look for, we offer all employees competitive base salaries and access to bonus plans.

Share plans

We have three different plans that enable you to buy Rolls-Royce shares in a tax efficient way and enjoy the benefits of increases in our share price.


You’ll be enrolled in our defined contribution pension plan; that means both you and we pay a fixed amount into the plan, helping you build a fund for retirement.

Private healthcare

We offer discounts on private healthcare, and for some grades, we pay for the entire plan.

Employee advice line

Our employee assistance programme is a free and confidential advice line for you and your family.

Cycle to work

You can buy a bike in a tax-efficient way that means you make savings on the cost of the bike.

Car leasing scheme

You’ll have access to lease a company car at attractive rates via a salary sacrifice scheme; for certain roles and grades, you may be provided with a car.

Childcare vouchers

We’ll help you manage the costs of childcare through our tax efficient childcare scheme.

Discounts & offers

Choose from a wide range of discounted goods and services that mean you can save on everything from your weekly shop to your next holiday.

Our Global Locations

Our digital operations exist around the globe: small highly-focused teams that are able to tap into local knowledge and global expertise alike.

Our Digital teams are based predominantly (though not exclusively) in the following locations: the UK, Germany, Norway, Singapore, India, and the US. Mixing remote and on-site working, you’ll need to be comfortable with a flexible approach to working and thrive on teamwork.

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Nous avons pour but d’améliorer l’alimentation en énergie dans un monde en pleine mutation. Pour ce faire, nous avons besoin des compétences, de la passion et de la capacité d’innovation de nos 54 000 employés dans le monde et de beaucoup d’autres personnes qui leur ressemblent. Pour atteindre notre but, nous avons besoin de personnes comme vous qui souhaitent façonner l’avenir énergétique de la planète.

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Es ist unsere Vision, bessere Energie für eine Welt im Wandel zu finden. Um dies zu erreichen, benötigen wir die Kompetenz, Passion und Innovation unserer weltweit 54 000 Mitarbeiter und vielen anderen mit diesen Eigenschaften, die noch nicht für uns arbeiten. Zur Realisierung dieser Vision brauchen wir Leute, die uns dabei helfen wollen die globale Energiezukunft zu gestalten.

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Visjonen vår er å skape bedre kraft for en verden i endring. For å kunne gjøre dette trenger vi ferdighetene, engasjementet og nyvinningen til våre 54 000 globalt ansatte og mange flere som dem. For å kunne realisere denne visjonen trenger vi personer som ønsker å forme fremtiden til global kraft

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Vi har for tiden ingen ledige stillinger. Våre stillinger blir lagt ut fortløpende. (We currently have no available positions. Our positions will be advertised when available)
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Our vision is to create better power for a changing world. To do this, we need the skill, passion and innovation of our 54,000 people across the globe and many more like them. To develop this vision into a reality, we need people like you who want to help shape the future of global power.

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